morons… theyre all morons.

(I think i like that word)


if someone from ProLease ever shows up to talk to you about managing your officeworkers… run for your friggin life.

They done nothing but caused me trouble.

tell me a doctor right out of their book doesnt exist… make me resubmit his name FIVE times! Get the name and address wrong on all my paperwork. Forget to pay my taxes, cancel our 401k’s and dont start new ones.

And Im just one person. Other people in the office have their own horror stories.


got my new check’s in the mail today… very cool. Funky Retro geometric graphics. And no more updating the address on my old checks.

have i mentioned that client meetings make me nuts? very seldom do they work out well. had the wanna-be client today. As he sits their in his brown three piece suit and Alan Alda perm, he’s telling me his company isnt like the rest; theyre ‘less-structured, young, creative’. I suppressed the smile I think. Then I got the hell outta their building that all but smelled of cotton balls.

have I mentioned I have a beautiful girlfriend? that smile alone lights up my heart. I can still see every curve, every flowing wave of hair, the light in her eyes that lets me know she’s okay.

we wont mention how intimidating her intelligence could be too.

but I love her… everything about her.

(granted, i could do with a muzzle for her dog)

i figured out what happened today, where everything went downhill. I put on a tie this morning. Boss wanted to impress Alan Alda. I shoulda known it woulda been trouble.

The best show in the world for one-liners, Will and Grace:

“You know what those rocks need? A little Scotch”

“You’re like a spoonfull of whoopass”