so im watching this miniseries on the 60’s. seems like everyone in it is trying to find themselves, and failing miserably, or fighting for a cause they arent sure they believe in. doesnt keep em from fighting of course.

I used to say that the people in my college were overly apathetic. But i havent seen much change since retruning to the “real world”. At least in school, I could hold a conversation. When was the last time you were so engrossed in a topic that you could sit till 5 in the morning talking?

nothing gets to people anymore.

in my life?

I saw us overrun a country to protect oil. weigh this on your moral scale: black fluid verses human lives.

I saw the bodies of servicemen dragged through the streets in africa.

Ive seen nearly every important woman in my life deal with rape.

I had to be careful on the streets of my hometown when I walked with my girlfriend, because we werent the same shade.

Ive personally had to watch the most beautiful little children leave a preschool and go home to families where theyll be abused; mentally, physically, and sexually.

I dont know.