People are stupid. No longer are we the mindless masses of sheep we have been compared to in the past. The sheep, in my opinion, have more common sense.

Look around you. Goerge Orwell wasnt telling a story with his book, 1984. He was predicting the future. Par Example:

The News is no longer reported. News is now created. It is cleached, dry-cleaned, and prepackaged for our consuming. Everyone knows a princess died, but how many front page articles were there on the death of probably the only modern-day saint? Everyone knows President Clinton slept around, and tried pot, but who remembers anymore that he made it possible for homosexuals to serve in the armed forces, or that he actually managed to lower the national defecit. We know the verdict in the Lorena Bobbit case, but did Sya Rivezfar ever get forced to return to her mothers home where she had been raped and forced to watch her sister’s murder?

Who works for who? Read the Constitution some time. It tells you of a government for the for the benefit of the people, and responsible to those same citizens. But I dont see that any more. I dare you to find someone who doesnt have an evil tone to their voice when they say the word “government”. Without ever hearing a snigle voice of support for it, the CDA was passed into law, convincing parents that it would protect THE FAMILY from an evil, invisible menace. Doesn’t it strike anyone else as ironic that this government openly admits to having secrets it wont tell it’s citizens? So much for “of the people, for the people, by the people”.

Are you being watched? No? Dont be so sure. Did you see the video cameras attached to bridges that keep track of people who speed or run red lights? They aren’t a conspiracy rumor anymore, they’ve been reported on Prime Time Television. Or the new use for these cameras; using them to monitor trouble spots in towns, in hopes of cutting down on drugs and illicit dealings. Cameras arent the only observation devices. Do you realize just how much information you broadcast everytime you surf the web? Or does it occur to you that someone is gathering all the information each time you pay with a credit card, or use that supermarket discount card. The security system that protects your belongings also lets someone know exactly when you are in and out of your house. And as anyone who has had to fill out federal or college paperwork knows, our Social Security Numbers are hardly the vaults of privacy they once were.

This is only the beginning. But where does the betterment of society end and our privacy begin?