It can be interesting working here. We’re less than a block from the white house. THE white house.

I went for a walk at lunch today. From the road blocks and security, Id say Bill and Hillary were going for a stroll. The Secret Service was as conspicuous as ever (while my spelling remains a disaster). The guy on the corner was preaching Judgement Day, starting with the presidency. Personally, I hope my God has more important things on his mind than who the president is screwing.

I’m scared… downloaded some new microsoft products today – Explorer and Outlook – and they were good. Isnt this one of the signs of the armageddon? I may just have to break my own ban on Microsft products on my personal computer to install Outlook.

Spent some time looking at the new Macintosh G3’s… with the new cases (Yosemites). They are suuhhhhweet. Decked out with enough hardware to make John Wayne Bobbit jealous, and a funky case that puts even the iMac to shame.

This week alone,
I think ive gotten 3 or 4 comments from people around the world on the site i did for work. Now if I could just get credit for it… help starting my freelance web design business.

I’m gonna try to
go back to work now… it’s a slow day though… I may be back.

(yes, i do love
those triple dots "…")