4:44 pm est (cool huh?)

work, washington, dc

So I woke up at 4:30 this morning realizing that I had passed out last
night while ‘just resting for a minute’. So I stumbled over and turned
down the eveangelist screaming from the television; shut off the lights,
stripped down, and went to bed.

Did you know when
you get in bed at 4:30 in the morning, it is damn hard to get comfortable? Oh well… I overslept for work anyways to make up for the time I lost sleeping.

Woohoo… it’s
comics day. You see, all over the coutry, comics are delivered on Wednesdays.
And comic shop owners and collecters (and readers) being the impatient
people they are, the stuff goes on the shelf right away. And yes, I
am one of those freaks. I call it my one addiction. I dont smoke, I
dont drink, I dont do drugs… I gotta have some vice.

Ever go furniture
shopping? it aint easy when you have limited transportation and restricted
funds. there are no discount stores near me. those that are, charge
ya up the wahoo. or else the selection just sux. *sigh*

And lets make this
a step harder… there are no Kmarts, no Walmarts, no Targets, and no
Ames within traveling distance of me.

How the hell do
people do it?

Is anyone interested
in taking over a mother who likes to try and make her son feel guilty
about not talking to her. I’m tempted to remind her that she hasnt written
or called me in just as long a period.