so I fudged the date a bit… bite me.

ug… i need to get some sleep. but who needs to be conscious at work… is no fun.

you know, i have a beautiful girlfriend. She doesnt totally believe me yet. But that may be a good thing… women who know they’re beautiful are ussually bitches.

did i mention i finally got my Yosemite. this thing kicks ass. never seen anything faster. And the case is just funky. Industrial designers went nuts with this one. gotta love the clear power cables.

the weather is finally warming up. its now quite spring yet, but winter is no longer in the air. I love it personally. being able to walk through the park in a sweatshirt and jeans. watch the animals start coming out. (notice the attractive women wearing less)

so it started raining suddenly tonight. been dry all day. and a few minutes later, i heard this roar tat didnt sound to far away. Now maybe ive watched too many Discovery channel specials, but the first thing that came to mind was ‘tornado’. so what does this genius do? I go to the GLASS window to check.Im still here so i assume you know what I saw or didnt see.

Im even boring myself so Ill go now.