I’m feeling a little less fuzzy tonight. I took off early from work to get a haircut. Since I was out in Bethesda anyways, I stopped by my uncle’s place to say hello.
Do I lead a thrilling life or what. ‘Scuze me while I take my Geritol.
I mean, God help me, I even cleaned my apartment tonight! If thatisn’t sick, I don’t know what is.
I’m really looking forward to the family reunion coming up. I know I went and met all those people last year, but this year is different. My father will be there. I will probably for the first time be able to hear about his life first hand.
And of course, there is the opportunity to pick on Linds, and watch Shorty make a royal ass of himself.
But first, I have Jethro’s wedding this weekend. I’m off to Rochester, which would be more exciting if there was anyone left in town I knew. Even Nicolas is busy with his parents this week.