So I survived Rochester, though with some lack of sleep. At one thirty this morning I was sitting in a Denny’s in New York finishing a strawberry milkshake. An hour later I went to sleep (again). Twelve hours later I was back in DC at work.
Was a great weekend, seeing a bunch of my old friends. With Jethro and Tera getting married… very sweet but makes me feel all the worse about my love life. Jaime and Kris’s kid has gotten so damn big, (but so damn cute too)
Rochester seems more different every time I visit. The city itself isn’t changing, but the differences are more noticable. It’s supposed to be the third largest city in New York, but it’s all so spread out. The edges of the city are boondocks material.
A nice retreat from the energizer bunny of citys that is the District.
I’m wondering why I have this log/journal in a directory called “intellectual”, when most of these ramblings seem to be pretty ‘chain-of-consciousness’.
I got this great book in the mail on Friday. I bought it on an eBay auction. It’s a history of my hometown, published in the 1930’s. It’s illustrated with all these great woodcuts of local landmarks. I tried posting a picture of it here on Friday, but blogger was acting up. Wiped out my whole post.