It’s said you cannot slight someone for being what they are.
Bah. Fuck that.
MTV is the crap du jour. Or more precisely, MTV is the crap du jour tout la monde. (that’s “shit all the time” for all the Americans out there)
While they have never held themself to very many lofty standards, their current marketing campaign (not to be mistaken for cultural changes, kiddies) has turned the 900 pound gorilla of contemporary music marketing into a self-consuming cannibalistic shadow of it’s former self.
Did you ever think you’d see the day when VH1 had a better selection of music.
MTVs target demographic has become the same as their sister network, Nicolodeon. Those shows and concepts that haven’t been cancelled and/or outright banned, have been recycled and redone so many times they wouldn’t be fresh if they were sponsored by Right Guard. The stepford children they are passing off as pop musicians are the only fitting accompanyment to the ignorant grunting most of their favorite hip hop and rock groups being passing off as music.
I dunno. I think if I was still a kid, I’d be pretty insulted. The soundtrack to your disenfranchisement is being organized and brought to you, regardless of your race, creed, or color, by planning committee’s and focus groups paid for by a bunch of old white men who only make money if you do exactly what they tell you. (What do you want from a group of businessmen who make Richard Branson look young and wild?)
Turn off your TV. Shave your head. Go out to a club or bar (but I’ll lose all respect for you if they play dance music). If you don’t piss off old people, who will?