Okay. So I feel a little pathetic looking back and the two biggest rants Ive had lately were about MTV and Freedom of speech on the internet (AOL no less).
On the scale of importmant issues in the world, these rate somewhere near the level of what’s on TV tonight.
I live in a city where people are gunning each other down in the streets on a daily basis. Where the department of health is located in a building that can’t pass their own inspections. Where the people re-elected a Mayor who had been caught on video smoking pot with a hooker.
This city is the capital of a country where a black boy was recently dragged to death behind a pick-up truck. And another boy was tied to a fence and beat to death for being gay. Where when a young woman disappears from her apartment never to be seen again, the question isn’t “what happened to the girl”, but “who was she fucking”.
The most powerful country in a world where after tens of thousands of years of civilization, our usual solution to international conflict is to try to kill eachother. A world where our greatest advances only come from wars. Where more savagry has been done in the name of God than anyone else.
and I was complaining about MTV’s ideals?
excuse me while I order a labotomy.