This bill is brought to you by the same people who told youy not to distribute condoms in high schools because it would lead to teen sex.
I went to high school. You went to high school. My friends didn’t start having sex in high school.
They started having sex in Junior High.
(No, I’m not telling you when I started).
These people are fundamentally lacking in the intellectual department. The idea that by omitting discussion and education of a topic is an adequate method of preventing said topic, is utterly ludicrous.
Kids know about fucking. It’s one of those things you don’t ever need to read a book about or recieve instruction on to figure out. What kids don’t know, and are likely afraid to ask about just because of laws such as this, are the dangers they potentially face because of varoious forms of fucking.
The very foundation of the lawmakers argument is flawed at best. The idea that there are crimes against nature, in relation to sex, is a pretty prejudiced viewpoint. I don’t find men’s asses particularly alluring. “Moos” and “Baaas” don’t exactly give me a hard on. But if that’s what does it sexually for someone else… well why not. No one is getting hurt. And likely all parties involved are enjoying themselves a great deal.
Is it bad because a book written two millenia ago says so? This same book would ban American Football. Most farmers in this country would be put to death for their planting practices. And I have a couple ex’s who should have their hands cut off. Just because a book is old doesn’t mean it is omniscient. Think for yourself while reading… some things just may not be applicable anymore, if they ever were.
This is all, of course, me assuming that they’re being forthright about their reasons for introducing this bill. But like most stupid people, their own words tend to trip them up:

“[Homosexuality] is illegal and also carries risks,” Mrs. Cobb said.

Mrs. Cobb said the Family Foundation will ask for a “friendly” amendment to be added to Mr. Welch’s bill that would allow teachers to simply say there is a risk of contracting a sexually transmitted disease if a person engages in a crime against nature, though not going into lengthy detail about the sex acts themselves.

I don’t know how these people manage to procreate. What, with their incredibly ignorant and dangerously outdated views and knowledge of sexuality.
It has been at least 15 years since the majority of humanity believed that AIDS, or any other ailment, was a ‘gay’ disease.
And it isn’t a punishment from God. In the long run, being gay is about who you fall in love with. And there is not one place in the Bible, or any religious document I have ever read that describes any form of love as bad.