ABC News reported that Attorney General John Ashcroft ordered the statues covered because he didn’t like being photographed in front of them.

Since the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, Ashcroft has been photographed several times in front of the female statue that represents the Spirit of Justice. The statue has its arms raised and a toga draped over its body, but a single breast is completely exposed.

The other statue, of a man with a cloth covering his midsection, is called the Majesty of Law.

Keeping in mind that Attorney General Ashcroft is a narrow-minded, power-hungry little nazi who probably uses the Constitution to wipe up after jerking off…
am I the only one who sees an incredible amount of symbolism in him wanting the personifications of Justice and the Law hidden from sight and in no way associated with him?
That’s not even getting into the issue of trying to obliterate famous works of art for religious and political reasons; something the United States blasted Afghanistan for doing just a year or so ago when they blew up those statues in the desert.
Man, I haven’t seen anyone point and giggle at ‘boobies’ since junior high. When will the people in the Justice Department grow up? I think I’m going to go to the National Gallery for lunch tomorrow, before someone goes through there with a bunch of drop cloths.