"The Chair," with John McEnroe as host, may have won its personal battle with Fox, but could be in some danger itself. It drew 9.8 million viewers last Tuesday, ranking No. 57 for the week.

How sad is it that 10 milion people actualy took the time to watch that god-awful show? The participants and host make even Anne from The Weakest Link, (another hour of boredom) look animated and candid. Man, I thought it was bad when sit-coms filled prime-time. If this keeps up, I may have to do something drastic like read a book.

Meanwhile, for people who tire of Winter Olympics competition on NBC, Fox has a special in the works for late February. Called "The Glutton Bowl," the two-hour show will feature people competing to eat large amounts of foods like hamburgers and eggs.

And you know, a couple million people are going to sit at home and watch TV to obtain the same level of entertainment you can get at your local McDonalds.