So I think for the time being, my web site is set. I have completed most of the templates in the new CMS, so my journal will work and look beautiful, much liike myself. And I have a new front page, again featuring my reluctant model, Lea.
I really wish I had something to rail against tonight. But I have been feeling humdrum all evening. Couldn’t even find anything in the news feeds to upset me really.
I caught an article about the Department of Defense comng up with plans on how to make themselves into the first line of defense in this country.
There are very good reasons the legions of Rome did not enter the city walls.
I’m begining to wonder what it will take to get the shrub out of office. Most people seem to expect him to lose the next election, which he’ll surely run in. But I dont know. As a president he has been lackluster at best. But he strikes me as a man who has many more things going on in the background than even his closest advisors know about. I don’t think he’s playing the same game the rest of us are.
I really wish I could just cough up this lung and get it over with.
Is it just me or does the media really want Enron to be a scandal? But nobody seems to care. We have men lying to congress. A dead man worried about the lies. The shrub is ready to fight a court battle to keep what he knew about it secret.
But nobody cares. Maybe we’re all looking for the story that this seems to be trying to overshadow?