And in today’s round of “Give me a fuckin break”…
Alert issued for potential teddy bear bombs
If these are their criteria, the FBI must have warnings out on half the people in my hometown
If you’ve ever lived in a rural area, this shopping list is not the least bit suspicious. Teddy bears are universal, and no indication of anything in their own right. If the man bought BB’s, then gosh, maybe he owns something he could use them with, like, oh… I dunno… a BB gun? (No self respecting Son of the Soil should be caught without one). And the propane? What do you do when you don’t live in the city, or when you go camping? You run propane stoves, propane heaters, and propane lamps. And canisters this size are not legally allowed to be refilled, so the man would likely have to buy multiple backups.
“Potentially of middle eastern decent”? What did they say? “Well, this dude that looked like Jesus came into the store and bought some bomb supplies. It seemed religious enough… he was talking about a holy war or something.”