“In a stinging rebuke of the Justice Department, a federal judge ruled Wednesday that Attorney General John Ashcroft could not nullify Oregon law that allows physicians to help terminally ill patients kill themselves.’

Does it disturb anyone else that people like Ashcroft and Rumesfeld, who were never elected to their positions, are essentially making law and setting US policy?
It’s one thing to do it behind the guise of the executive branch. But they aren’t even trying to conceal their actions.
In this case, the directive issued by Ashcroft went against the results of two legal and uncontested elections. Free country huh.
Reminds me of congress telling the District that if they even released the results of the vote for legalization of medicinal marajuana, that all our federal funding would be cut. They didn’t say our decision was illegal, immmoral, or wrong. They just said we shouldn’t even be talking about it.