It’s called footnotes.

“Now Adelman is locked in a battle against the Belo media corporation, owner of The Dallas Morning News, which sent him a legalistic letter this week demanding that remove all “deep links” to the site.
“‘Deep links’ point to specific content within a site, allowing readers to bypass the site’s front page. Instead of linking to a specific article within The Dallas Morning News’s site, Belo wants Adelman to only link to the site’s main page.”

Site Barks About Deep Link
Look! Up there! It’s the story that wouldn’t die!
This is a stupid argument that will go nowhere. I can almost garauntee that several things are going to haappen here:
Some judge will rule in favor of a company like below, stating that sites can require people to only link to their front page. Then all the people out there watching from home will yawn, and change the channel. It will be totally unenforcable.
Someone will realise it would be incredibly easy to prevent people from deep linking. You need only require that anytime someone is accessing a low level page in your site be referred by a higher level page. Information like this has been tracked since the creation of the modern web browser. You’d simply need a web server designed to check it each time.
I wouldn’t take bets on how long a shelf life that software has, though. You wouldn’t even notice it was up, before it was taken down because the hits to your site fell like a rock.
It’s called footnotes. Get the fuck over it.

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  1. Whenever I click on a link I find on another ‘ blog ‘, if I come up on a page where I have to ‘ subscribe ‘ or enter in personal info, 9 times out of 10, I won’t. I just go back . No one is going to want to access pages like that. It takes too long, and really, what can I find in there, that ‘ another ‘ newspaper doesn’t have?

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