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sorry… sneeze.
I was saying…
I have a hard time taking pictures in this city. A small part of it is no doubt that it is hard to find anything interesting in the familiar.
But the more looming problem is the lack of adequate subject matter.
I enjoy taking pictures of natural objects and situations. Something spontaneous or unplanned. Small items in everyday life.
But this is the District. Nothing goes unplanned here. Everything is a presentation. Whether it is federal, city, or private property, it all looks the same. They all plant the same flower beds. They all get the authentic antique looking accessories at the same Homebuilders store. They all put out the same faux iron benches.
The people are no different. Everyone is putting on a front. The homeless scream and yell or shuffle and moan. The politicians, likewise. The college student’s buy the just right unfashionable clothes, and attempt unnatural things with their hair. There are the fashionable yuppies leaving the bar after work in their black pants and blue dress shirt to rush home to their Dupont Circle apartments or suburban houses to change into khakis and sweaters, before heading off to a show later.
There are parts of this town where the facade doesn’t extend. But I tread carefully. They are not friendly places for a skinny little white boy with an expensive camera.
My best pictures come from travelling. I am going home to NY next week to see my family, and to see what I can see. I will not forget my camera.