I’m disturbed.
More so than even Sara will tell you.
I have been the modern internet.
I have been through every trend and every type, before any of them became fashionable. I IRCaddicted and romanced. I cracked and pirated. I telneted to online music shops before CDnow was a nightmare in customer service. I learned to handcode HTML not to be cool, but because there was no other option. And even then, there was damn good money in it. I have been at least six months ahead of every major web design trend. (here’s a little tip: half of them were crap). When I lost all interest in being online for a while, it disturbed me. What would happen if the other half million did.
Where’s my money. Where’s my fame. Where’s my options. Where’s the obsessed fans?
If I saw all this, a step ahead of the masses, why didn’t I make something out of one of the ideas. I proposed these many of these things to friends.
I’m too fucking lazy.
I have no modesty, so don’t even bother telling me how concieted I am. Modesty is an utter waste of time.
You know when you have done anything of value. If you don’t, you’re probably too clueless to accomplish anything deserving pride or respect.
Pride is not a evil thing. The Bible was wrong. Egotism is what will destroy your soul.