“British tourist Judy Powell, 55, bought a GI Joe doll in America as a gift for her seven-year-old grandson George.
“Security officials at Los Angeles airport found the toy — similar to Action Man — when they searched Judy’s bags before she boarded a flight to London.
“Then they took the figure out of its box and confiscated its tiny replica Armalite rifle.”

The Sun
Stupid, inbred, moronic, bonehead.
The security guards say they were simply following instructions to “confiscate anything that looks like a weapon or a replica”. This is what happens when you put people who could reason their way out of a tent in charge of securing a high traffic gateway.
These are the same people I saw on a recent trip to Texas. The guard who made me feel the safest was working the cummuter flight building at DFW. He must have weighed at least 300 lbs, all fat. I’m not sure if he could walk, because the entire time I watched him, he was leaning back in a chair, (a truley strong chair), facing the doorway; presumably guarding it. To be fair, he only passed out and started snoring once. The little line of drool down his cheek was endearing.
Just fucking give eveyone an glock when they get on the plane. When was the last time a NRA meeting was held up? I guarauntee I will be able to keep the fat guy from drooling on my shoulder on this flight.