The Big Five music-recording companies

“It’s easy to fail in e-business; what’s hard is failing magnificently. The Big Five music-recording companies have been transcendent in this respect. Their combined efforts have gone beyond killing their e-businesses and are close to destroying an entire industry.”
Very cool article from a Canadian journalist, about all the insanely stupid things the record companies have been doing for the last decade.

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  1. Joe Smith

    I thonk your website blows and I hope you rot in you know where

  2. Well that is a rather intelligent comment on a post I didn’t even really write, but mearly pointed to.
    And the place is called Hell. With little men in skin tight red longjohns and pitchforks up the wazoo.
    “You die! You die and you go to hell!”
    – Cartman, on Southpark

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