White Supremacy
White Power
Aryan Brotherhood
These people are all proud of their heritage, of their ‘race’, of their skin color.
Do you realize how stupid that is?
The way you’re born; wether you’re white or black or gray; wether you’re born to a Jewish mother or a Italian immigrant. These are among the only things in your life you have no control over.
And this is what people choose to be proud of.
Have you never done or accomplished a single thing in your life which you can claim to be proud of? Have you not even learned to wipe your own ass after taking a shit?
No, I’m not being particularly one-sided. Black pride is just as stupid. But they haven’t posted comment’s on my web site promoting their cause.
The comment will stay up there because these thoughts are open for public discussion. But that doesn’t mean I have to like you. So in case the headline on the last Nazi post didn’t make it clear enough for you:
You suck.