Is there anything on earth that smells better than the freshly washed and still damp women’s hair? I just wanted to grab the head of the girl in front of me on the bus and bury my nose in her hair. If ‘soft’ had a smell, this would be it.
Running a close second, of course, is fresh pepperoni. You sniff some fresh pepperoni and you know exactly why you’re a meat-eater. The flesh, the grease, the texture.
The books today are, in no particular order, Teenagers from Mars #’s 3 & 4; WildCATs Version 3.0 #4; Global Frequency #2; 100% #4 (fuckin’ finally!); Wolverine #183, Fight for Tomorrow #3; Wolverine: Netsuke #4; Uncanny X-men #416.
It is now, one month and counting, until BWM2003