I got presents.
My birthday was last week sometime. Okay… still no party for like… the 16th year in a row. But I got some good shit from people.
It started with a gift certificate to the iTunes Music Store from my father. More music is never enough… so, perfect gift.
My mother has been sitting on her gift for months. And I think my picking on her caused her to go out of her way to get it shipped on time. (I can tell you she paid too much for shipping). It’s this medicine cabinet-type thing made out of old coke crates. The panel in the front door is a tin coke sign. Pretty cool.
But the favorite thing was from Sara. She sent me a beautifully designed copy of Fahrenheit 451, signed by Ray Bradbury (the author). My favorite book. Beautifully designed… right down to the ragged page edge. Sorry. not gonna top that.
And what did I get from my sister? A nice card. uh-huh. No bubblegum or a candybar? No little something to say “I know I tortured you throughout puberty, but here’s a little something to ease my conscience.”?
Oh don’t look at me like that. It’s my birthday. All about people sucking up to me. No 2,000 year old babies getting in on the action this time.