My cellphone arrived yesterday. A Motorola v300. It’s beautifully put together. Feels much more substantial than the older model I played with at the T-Mobile store. It charged up fairly easy. Came with the typically impossible to digest instruction book, which was promptly forgotten about. Activation simply involved inserting the SIM card, turning it on, and waiting 30 seconds. I’ve had excellent reception everywhere so far, except the subway. (Which is to be expected… Verizon has a monopoly on cell access in the subway, and doesn’t like to share).
I need to write the letter D wanted to send to the clients concerning the transfer of authority/jobs. With about a week and a half left, I can’t afford to wait for him to write it. He’ll no doubt want to edit it. If he fucks it up too much and refuses to reason, I’ll just write a letter on my own.
Need to work on a logo this weekend too. Which kind of means deciding on a name. I think The Design Works is ruled out. It got the least response of the people i polled. And its pretty blatantly marketing-ish, or at the least cheesy. You could replace “design” with “coffee”, and have as interesting a name. Meanwhile, people seem to love or hate The Design Foundry. Several people, presumably those who hate the Foundry name, say they like Hero, but none of them are willing or able to tell me why.
J #1 tells me he may have some shit work for me. Shit work is better than no work. And J is a nice, successful guy. Printers L and H have offered to hook me up with jobs as well. (Which is funny since they never hooked up the company I was working for, where I met them). L already gave me one name. I’d bet printers R and C have some work as well. I have one or two personal freelance contacts as well, who I will let know I am available full-time. And I am hoping J #2 will be able to provide me some contacts in an ad agency or two. And all that is without an cold sales work.