Yes, I’m still alive.
My last few days at Old Company were busy, finishing projects, starting some last minute ones, cleaning out my office, and teaching people to do what I do. I did more in that last week than I had for the previous 3 months.
I finished work at 6:30 PM on a thursday, and flew out of DC at 4:30 AM on Friday. Family thing in Texas. I actually took a job with me, because it couldn’t wait.
Got back from that on Tuesday evening. Spent Wednesday stocking up and setting up. Picked up most of my identity package from the printer. They do good work, but you have to keep an eye one them. They didn’t do enough business cards, and the envelopes weren’t ready. Spent the evening setting up mysa daaaeaaaskfg gggggggggaggnggdg 78wo8r8k888s88p8a888c8e8888888
Sorry about that… danger of working in a home with a cat who thinks the keyboard is her bed.
… desk and workspace.
Served Jury duty and Thursday and Monday. In between, I started up a marketing list, with all my ideas of what and how to market. I check things off and add them as necessary.
Turns out the people i my court case settled. Tuesday I did a bit more marketing. The last 2 days I’ve had some work to do, and marketing as possible.
Marketing List and stuff to come…