D annoys me. Well, the whole company really, cause it takes on a life of it’s own.
So I ask J, if she can give me the names of some contacts at the ad agencies she works with. Since, of course, you know, Old Company won’t be marketing design services to them.
But J says no, because Old Company is still accepting design jobs.
First off, are they accepting them or will they be accepting them. Cause if they ARE accepting them, then where is the work going? D and JG are both constantly busy and neither are exactly stellar designers. So are they continuing to do it themselves, in a manner which will yield the same results… namely, the client never coming back for a second job. Are they hiring an outside designer who is not me? If so… why?
But I think it is more of a matter of they WILL accept design jobs. Which I find frankly MORE offensive. The idea of hoarding something that you are not using, just cause it is of some potential value to you, even if you don’t plan to exploit it. (Trust me… after seven years of watching these salespeople–they don’t plan to exploit it). Whereas it would be a highly valuable resource to me that I would actively exploit to the fullest degree.
When I left there, they literally gave me everything I asked for. Books, clients… anything. I turned down some stuff cause I knew they would need it.
The question is… do I go on my own to these ad agencies and try to get in. Or do I offer Old Company a commission, just for the name of a contact? I think I will wait till my strategy session tomorrow, when I think more in depth about this.