I cannot avoid it any longer. Today, despite adding another four line items, I finished up the marketing list for the “old things”, meaning anything I already had experience with. All the old clients. Old printers. Former co-workers. Family. Friends. Contacts. Getting collateral and a website.
I also submitted my name to a vendor bank for a association of associations in this area. It wasn’t incredibly full or vendors… so if it is at all popular, I stand a better chance. I think this is the list that my old boss referred to. He didn’t know how we ended up on there, but we kept getting jobs from there.
Now I need to start marketing to new people and things. New ways. I really need to sit down and just spend some time thinking about how to market, who to market, and all that shit. If I just keep running and doing work, and interacting… I come up with the same ideas as everyone else. But when I put a little brain sweat into it… I come up with some good shit.