I spent the morning at the Department of Consumer & Regulatory Affairs, over on N. Capital Street. Interesting system they have there. “Have a seat, and we’ll talk amongst ourselves and see if we can figure out what you want”. If half the people coming in there weren’t regulars, they would have been in trouble.
Only after waiting for an hour and finally getting my application looked at did they tell me I basically needed a permission slip from the owner of my building. Why on earth does the main application ask you if your landlord approves and what is their contact info, if they are just going to make you fill out a whole separate form on the subject.
So… four cab rides later, all I know is that I should call back in 3 to 5 business days to see if they approved my application.
Go on… ask me if I give a shit wether they turn me down.
I haven’t been in that area before. The area between N. Capitol and 10th, and F and L. It’s pretty run down in some parts… but oh do I want to go over there with a camera. The place has some amazing character. North Capitol Street alone has an amazing view towards the Capitol.
I inquired about an old thermal fax machine that has been floating around work for years, and “D” gave it to me. Not bad. Not a great machine… but it works. And until it runs through the 8 rolls of paper, it’s all good.