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Sorry… Drew Carey is hosting a talk show. But at least he’s talking to Zack Braff about Garden State; which if you haven’t seen — drop the baby and go now.
VisqueenJust got back from the Velvet Lounge. Finally got to see Visqueen. Two words: Absolutely Fucking Amazing. (Bite me! I can’t count.) I kinda went brain-dead when I saw them loading from their van out front. ‘Cause Kim Warnick is someone I’ve only ever seen in pictures, on many, many CD covers. Suddenly, there’s a whole person there in front of you… moving. (This is as opposed to the time I saw Donald Rumesfeld… cause he more sort of rumbles rather than moves.) There were times where Kim really seemed to be enjoying herself up there. Something you sadly don’t see much of from touring bands.And yes… Rachel is even more beautiful in real life. Incredibly cute. Terminally hopped up on caffeine or something. And a real smart-ass attitude like the future rock-goddess that she is. Ben… not much to say… but he beat those drums like the eternal red-headed stepchild. He goes absolutely apeshit back there.
The velvet lounge is really sort of a neighborhood dive. Looks like it could have been an eyeglass store 30 years ago, before it got taken over by drunk people with markers and paint who like loud music. The bar looks like something you’d find in a dorm room. the upper level is probably better looking in the dark, since there was no real ceiling or anything, and a questionable floor. The stage takes up about a third of the room. This, I didn’t find to be a bad thing. It means I got within sweat-slinging range of the band, who actually urged people closer.
Were they loud enough? I don’t really know, because I lost my hearing completely about halfway through the set.
My only regret is that Rachel still doesn’t seem willing to admit how much she lusts after me. I’m sure it will come to her someday. I’m patient.
And oh yes… damn right I bought the last copy of their new CD which comes out tomorrow. Then I got the fuck out of dodge before the people in line behind me found out.
And yes… I come home and geek out for a while to Sara, who can understand my unnatural addiction to music. Check my email, and find out Xtrememac is sending me a replacement belt-clip for my iPod case, free. Go Xtrememac! Their cases just kick ass, and their customer service has always been wonderful.
Okay… it will soon be 2 AM, and I want to get up early tomorrow to go see the parade of Indian Nations on the Mall. Must… sleep. Damn. ringing in my ears.
I can think of worse ways to go deaf than listening to Visqueen live.

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