Comic Book Day with Buddhist Monks

We’re now on day two-and-a-half of the throbbing shoulder thing. I’ve narrowed down at least one inflammatory item: whenever I drink a can of Diet Coke. No idea why that makes sense. It can’t be the sugar, because … well… there is none. I’ve been lifting heavier objects all day long, so I don’t think it’s the weight of the can. It could be just the right weight at just the right posture. But then, this pain started suddenly while I was sleeping, so it’s probably not a repetitive stress injury.
When I burp, it eases up. But that doesn’t make me feel better. To me, that says something in my shoulder is being compressed. And… you know… that’s never a good thing.
Yeah… today, being Wednesday, is of course Comic Book Day. Not much that the poorer me could afford. (Though you realize if I got rid of my website, I would save like $15 a month?!?! Thats like… 5 more comic books! … yeah. No.) The last issue of Demo is out. Overall it’s been a good series. I think it wavered to a few ludicrous extremes occasionally. On the superpower end, they had an Carrie-style issue with an abused young boy raising dead pets and slaughtering the neighbors. You know… goofy shit that even Vertigo wouldn’t touch. Then they have issues such as Mix Tape and the one with the stock-boys, which are essentially superpower free. Frankly that seems flakey too for a collection of stories that was sold as ‘real people who just happen to have powers’. I don’t think any issue did as well at balancing this as the first issue. There was a major display of superpowers, but aside from the cool wide-screen shot of the effects, they were soooo beside the point. The superpowers were an aspect of the persons life, not the definition of it.
yadda, yadda, yadda.
Speaking of comics, and being let down: Mad Yak Press. Just days after I posted my review of their stuff at the Small Press Expo, they email me with an offer of many free books in exchange for reviews. Mentioned all this before. So where the fuck are the books? I could understand a little delay… 3 of 4 weeks even. People are busy and business is business. And considering it’s free… who am I to complain? But it’s two months later now, and I’ve never heard from them again. Not an explanation, not an acknowledgment, not even a kiss-off when they discover this might not be the kind of website they wanted. And no issue 4 of Black Eyed Susan. Are you still in business? Are you still in this hemisphere?
No I am not happy with you right now. vox populi, vox dei.
Do you ever have that feeling of clarity and peace when you wake up from a short nap? You weren’t really in a deep sleep, so your mind isn’t fuzzy. But the million and one things you were simultaneously contemplating before have all been brushed aside. That’s kind of the moment I imagine Buddhist monks living in. I could so be happy there.
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  1. Maybe it’s a rotator cuff injury. Inside the ball joint? Sharp pain when you move just so? Could be.

  2. No…. no sharp pains. Very few specific actions that bring about stronger pain. No known harsh actions that would lead to injury.
    Confused, I am.

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