Metro 2: Buses Reloaded

I think the buses, they hate me. There was my previous run-in, out in Bethesda, with a mini Ride-on. (I’ll add a link to the story, as soon as my website stops being dead. Update: Done.) Today I was on the 36 bus up to Wisconsin Avenue, when, as we attempted to turn onto the circle at Foggy Bottom, we were sideswiped by a tractor trailer. It was at the same time scary and morbidly interesting. Certainly, an object three times the size of my apartment closely approaching you at any speed is enough to make you nervous. And when it literally rocks your own multi-ton vehicle like it was nothing… well, I got off the bus pretty fast. Felt almost sorry for the driver, who looked hopelessly innocent and completely lost, and just sat dazed in the front seat. But… you know… not sad enough that I was gonna wait around with him until the cops arrived. Still… it’s interesting seeing the giants of the metropolitan road being thrown around so easily.
Man, does it show when I’m not interested in taking pictures. There are many shots from Indri’s recent visit that I absolutely love. I love taking pictures with and of Indri. But while I’ve been to two parties in the past week, neither time did I go to any effort to take pictures. I just wanted to have fun for a change, and not put that distance between myself and the event, that a camera brings. I did pull out my camera both times, but mostly just to snap off a few obligatory shots of people having fun. And the pictures show it. They’re mostly boring. The focus is terrible. Lighting is off. No composition.
Not a big deal. The “big” party was covered by many other people (1) ( 2). Almost looked like paparazzi in there when the cake fell on the floor.
cake on floor and foot
Image by Nguyet Vuong

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  1. sphinxku!

    was this your b-day party?

  2. Nope. Well… not really. Was supposed to be a “May Birthdays” party, but it was mostly for one specific person.

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