I am off in about an hour and a half, to spend Christmas with my family. (Am I worried about people knowing my apartment will be vacant? No. I have the attack cat.)
So I’m flying home at the last minute to be with the family. Very Norman Rockwell. You know… if his families were a bit more … hostile.
My mother has been talking up her new neighbor. A “cute, young, single girl.” Again… very christmas made-for-tv movie. At the very least, there will be a cute girl near by. Never happened while I was growing up in that town.

I was working on an ad for a client earlier this week. And at about 3 in the morning, I saw something that made me think of college. And I said to myself… “hey, self, why don’t you do a version of the ad in the style of every piece of design that ever came out of that school. So I did. Mostly as just an exercise in nostalgia, for me. Yes… I can be just as good as people with 9 years less experience than me.
Of course… the client chose that version. Loved it.

Americans suck.
I watched maybe the first 5 minutes of the news tonight, and yelled at the TV at least 5 times. There was just too much stupid for my filters to handle. The other senator Rep from the 5th Congressional District from Virginia said, on TV, that he was offended by the new Islamic Senator wanting to be sworn in on the Koran. (Would you ask a Christian Senator to be sworn in on the Torah?!) And he bragged how he would never touch a Koran with ‘these hands’, and never have one in his office. (“I hate you and everything you stand for!” “What do I stand for?” “I don’t know, but I’m sure I hate it!”).
This story was immediately followed by a story about the Soldiers being charged in Iraq after they went on a killing spree after being attacked. They were apparently so upset by the death of their comrade, that even after repelling the attack, they stormed through homes in the area shooting anyone… men, women, and children. On the news, the family of a soldier accused of killing 10 people in this rampage said they were incredibly proud of their son, and that they were incredibly disappointed in and upset with the Marines for prosecuting him.
Fighting for a reason is occasionally understandable, though seldom good. Fighting for vengeance is just animalistic. If he’s guilty, that fucker better spend his life in Leavenworth.