I just came back from Artomatic. I was a bit worried with it taking place in Crystal City. Normally it takes place in abandoned buildings in run-down neighborhoods, letting them essentially do whatever they want to the building. But Crystal City is about as uptight, over-developed suburbia as you can get. But they did a good job. A ton of art, some good, some notsogood. My only regret is that there seemed to be less insane artists this year. Nobody really doing completely off-the-wall, freaky shit. Though I didn’t see much of the 8th floor… so maybe they’re all kept up there.
God damn, do I miss my camera. It’s been just shy of two weeks now, since I took it in to get it cleaned. Given that they estimated 1.5 to 2 weeks, if it isn’t back by Tuesday, I’m going to start bugging them
The freaks were out tonight, and there I was, camera-less.