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When I have sex with someone I forget who I am. For a minute I even forget I’m human. It’s the same thing when I’m behind a camera….

Lens update

12 weeks. I took Jenny’s advice and called the head of repair at Penn. He returned my call within about half an hour, after checking with the factory….


We’re going on 7 weeks since I dropped off my broken lens at Penn Camera to be fixed. So I thought I would bug them again since I…

out for repairs

It’s come up in several discussions with friends that they don’t always bring their cameras into questionable areas, or places they could get damaged. It’s reasonable. But for…

Camera Strap update

Okay… so I’ve now had my camera strap from My Funky Camera for about a month now. (See previous post on this topic). I’ve had one photo shoot,…

camera strap

Picked up a new toy, this week. Well, I picked up several, but this one is my favorite so far — a new camera strap. The old strap…


While looking at pictures of a photographer who recently died, I notice in dozens of photos, he is never holding a camera. Old pictures of photographers… say… 1800s…

natural bokeh

I was looking at the shadows as I walked back from getting lunch today. I noticed the difference in shadows between the tree leaves verses unnatural structures, like…


I went ice skating last night, for Sarah’s birthday. Which was fun, itself. I haven’t really skated much since grade school. And I got my balance fairly quickly….

mmmm… camera

Thanks to Stephanie, I went to the ‘yardsale’ the Washington Photography School was holding this weekend. I could have gotten in a lot of trouble there… but I generally behaved myself.

Camera Geek

All Stephanie’s fault:




I am a bit behind on my photography, in general. My pictures on strangeday are months out of date, though I keep my flickr account much fresher. And…

back from somewhere

I’ve been away. That is to say, “not available”. (holy fuck I’m sick of the firetrucks) It’s been a month, and it wasn’t particularly fun. One month ago,…


I just came back from Artomatic. I was a bit worried with it taking place in Crystal City. Normally it takes place in abandoned buildings in run-down neighborhoods,…

busses and building managers

Right on schedule, my building manager was fired today. Third one we’ve been through since I moved in here. They have a warranty only good for 2 years….