I think we can safely assume that Gawd does not want me to exercise.
We can start with the last time I tried to start eating healthy, and wound up in a hospital on a restricted diet, for ‘unrelated reasons’.
For a couple weeks, I’ve been considering getting back into exercising. Last week I confirmed that I could use the gym in my building. Over the weekend, too much was happening to ever get down there. I was finally ready last night, when I had my little adventure on my way home. I had neither the time nor ambition afterwards to exercise.
Today, I change my clothes. I put on my sneakers. I walk out the door. Then, I realize I forgot my iPod. (I get bored ridiculously easily). I was not 15 feet down the hall, so I turn around and put the key in the door, and nothing happens. Huh? I try again. And again. It’s simply not working. Key goes in, but nothing happens. I check to make sure I’m at the right apartment, even though I’ve been coming to this door for over 12 years. It’s just not working. The front desk worker gives me the spare keys, but they don’t work either.
Gawd does not want me to exercise.
I did get in, eventually. I did go exercise. I am walking funny. You’re telling me I only have to keep doing this for another 60 years?