The latest project, that’s been floating around for a month or two. We found this table at Community Forklift, and thought it was great. At a glance, it looks old and very cool. (And very cheap).

A closer look at home already made me a little suspicious. I didn’t want to touch it until we checked with someone, who also confirmed that they didn’t think the table was a real antique either. While it means we weren’t going to make any money off it, I had said up front that if we didn’t sell it, I liked it for my own use.

In the end, I suspect it was a 1950s shop-class project, or maybe someone’s garage project. Most of the wood has some age to it. And there are signs of repairs, good and bad. So in the end, it’s still a reasonably old piece, with real people and an interesting story behind it. And I still think it looks cool.

IMG 20200818 182227262

IMG 20200818 182421451

IMG 20200912 183634291b

20200922 IMG 3342