For a long time, my dream job has been as a presidential photographer.
I think my best photos are the ‘capture the moment’ images. Wether it’s long slow periods with that one subtle moment, or finding a clear, distinct moment amidst utter chaos. I love it.
And can you imagine any place more in the moment, doing more important work, experiencing more unique moments, than the White House?
But the last 4 years, I couldn’t bring myself to even think about it. I don’t necessarily have to agree with those I work with, (though it helps), but I couldn’t even imagine working in this outgoing administration. They wasted everything… they wasted opportunities, they wasted the american reputation, they wasted political capitol, and in the end, they also wasted lives.
I don’t know what’s coming with this new administration. But I can always fantasize about my dream job again.