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Bigger, Fuller Breasts

“You Can Have Bigger, Fuller Breasts Naturally!” Well, now. This email greatly releaved me. No more half-A cup for me.

Orgasm Fairy

“no, because in actuality i am not a stalker, but rather the orgasm fairy, here to deliver upon you many many orgasms.” — Brian Wood, Artist, Deisgner, Pimp,…

As you can see

As you can see from my eloquent and precise use of the American-English language, I am a honored graduate of the New York Educational System. Wanna see my…

There are just some

There are just some stupid people in this world. Just passed a TV report about books, where they were examining book-ends. Those things that hold up books on…

hmmm… “Independence Day” was

hmmm… “Independence Day” was scheduled to be broadcast tonight. but for some strange reason they decided to show “Mrs. Doubtfire”

Out of Body —

Out of Body — Back in Ten Minutes

Damn, I’m slow. If

Damn, I’m slow. If I don’t watch it, they are going to revoke my pervert credentials. It took me this long to realise how suggestive the name of…

there is something inherently

there is something inherently sick in getting up 2 days in a row at 6 AM for no reason.