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Wine and Salty Meat

Sunday: Beginning and End


I really like this shot of Lenore, behind the scenes at the photo shoot the other day. She was done shooting for the day, and standing in the…


“Faces” project off and running. Write a story describing the origins of what’s happening in a chosen photo. Open to anyone now – 3 weeks remain to contribute….

Nguyet’s Birthday

Click any photo to view entire set.

summer is here.

later on my birthday…

(or see complete set here.)

good weekend

Click on any photo to be taken to the full set. (Questions or comments about why so many pictures have attractive women in them, will probably be answered…

My Year in Photos

I’ve posted my 2008 collection for My Year in Photos.


Went out with some friends over the weekend. Fuck… I actually pretty much spent the whole weekend with these friends. But we started the weekend on Friday night…

Down with Xenu

Stupid little buggers. I went to take pictures at the Anonymous protest, yesterday. Anonymous — if you’re unaware — is a protest movement against the Church of Scientology….

hard drive

to follow up… I ordered a hard drive today, for the photo back-up thing. I went with a 500 gig external firewire 400 drive. It also has USB…

Living in Sin

This was a pretty good weekend. I really didn’t get enough work done, but I did get to relax. After the stress of last week, and the likely…

big hard drive

I take a lot of photos. (duh). But they pile up on my computer for a month or so, and then get backed up to DVD. At which…

Photos and Nguyet’s Birthday

I think I love that photo. Instant classic. Yesterday was Nguyet’s birthday party. Which means, you know, lots of people in one place, to annoy with my camera….

collage chaser

I felt kinda good about today. Was an overall positive day. And I felt like I accomplished something while working. And Refresh was entertaining, if not educational, tonight.
So it’s unfortunate when I got home that my email was clogged with messages from clients whining about a pile of petty little things. Doubly depressing when, after hadling what I immediately could and filing anything undeserving of a response, I had only 1 email left. So not only did they piss on my mood, but it wasn’t in the least bit productive.
This calls for a photo collage. My recent favorites:

1. Princesa de la Tempestad, 2. Lotsa Colors, 3. light a cigarette, 4. Goddess Light., 5. artrepair8, 6. seawind, 7. tutu, 8. the promised land, 9. zlatna dolina – sarajevo, mon amour, 10. São Paulo., 11. on the drive to Yosemite, 12. Untitled, 13. yellow, 14. Reykjarvíkurnætur, 15. Sojin with Lemonade and Chips, 16. floored

Deck Warming Party

deck party mosaic


A collection of photos from the September 15th anti-war march in Washington DC.

iPhoto 6

I played with iPhoto 6 this weekend, in probably the most detail since I got it. It leaves me conflicted. The problem comes from timing. I’d been using…

Camera Geek

All Stephanie’s fault: