Yes…here I am again. Back by popular request. Sorry for the absence for all my regular viewers (both of you).

Thought I would try to think up something besides school and the job search to bitch about. Unfortunatly there isnt much else in my life right now.

So if not my life…how about my mind. Im sure its got to be good for something.


what is important to me. kind of a transendental type question i suppose. But actually, I know. I wanna have fun. I dont see any other point to life.. You ain’t takin nothing with you when you go. And history eventually forgets everyone. So I toss my ego out the window and just make myself happy. Come on, it’s the most enjoyable thing in the world for everyone.

I dont just mean playing around. I have fun when I am working too. I have fun just talking to people. I even (dont tell my mom) occasionally have fun cleaning.

Have a friend with a similar policy (I think). Sara tells me that the most important thing in the world to her is to smile. She never seems happier than when she s. And with as beautiful a smile as she has, I can see why. (Wanna see it?… Go to my photo section and look under the friends area)

dont worry… I promise next time to bitch some more. Gotta live up to that nick name.