sometimes you gotta be.

there are just some things that can only be accomplished or fixed by going slightly crazy.

I remember my freshman year in college. i had nowhere to sleep one night thanks
to a practical joke that had left my bed soaked. so I asked a close female friend of mine if I could use the spare bed in her room. she was fine with that, a little more fine than I knew. when i showed up that night, and was laying on the spare bed, she turned off the lights, turned on some slow music, and climbed into bed. When she patted the bed next to her and started saying, “you come sleep here, you come sleep here”, well, my mind just sort of iced over. I was a college freshman at a technical school. according to all known laws of physics, a woman shouldnt be willing to sleep with me for three more years.

So what’s the solution. Just ramble on senselessly, telling bad jokes, and being a little nuts. Hey, I didnt offend the woman, and was able to calm my own nerves. (For those nosey people who wanna know how that turned out, ask me)

I was a leader of types on my dorm floor for several years too. I found no easier way to bring together groups of people who hated each other, or at best were apathetic, than to do something totally unnecessary, illogical, orreverant, and insane.

Anyone who’s ever been in college also knows what finals week is like. Imagine having a dentists appointment, your in-laws visit, your wife leaving you for your sister, and getting replaced at work by nothing; all in one day. Then multiply this by 7 days. You begin to get an idea. Whats the best cure….

studying? *BEEEP* wrong answer…
sleeping? *BEEEP* sometimes, but not ussually…

a road trip to a local restaurant to eat something called a garbage plate that contains materials that dont fit into any of the known food groups, followed by a viewing of MST3K in the lounge till 3 in the morning. (all this ussually followed by a deep meaningfull discussion none of the participants remember in the morning)

*ding**ding**ding**ding* correct

Or a girl you care very much about, who though you haven’t been talking to lately, has apologized and promised to come visit in a week or so to talk. Then, a week later, she dies in a plane crash on the way home from spring break. Yet again, my brain just sorta shut down, while I hid in my room a few days, yelling at the walls and at myself.

yeah, there’s some things only going crazy can help.