oh my god, oh my god, oh my god…
okay… couldnt get that out of my mind. 🙂
he-ya… finally moving at work. into a major nice new office. custom built for us. and hot damn I have my own office. well.. for now. Will eventually share it with someone else, but until they get hired, I’m safe.
The windows are great, at least in the front of the building. It’s so bright in those offices the lights make no difference. I chose my particular office for the view, managing to avoid having to look at our old building every day. My view will actually cover the top floors of this great old office building with an ornate roof.
We had a circular conference room built … sort of a cross between your childhood club house and a UFO. we’ve got 20 or so offices, a kitchen, a store room etc.
and the shit hits the fan tommorrow… At 1, we attack!
Well, the packing anyways.
Actually my only duty for the next 2 days is to strip down the computers, see them safely moved, and then reassemble them (and the networking hardware). It’s not easy being a geek. 🙂
Stacey’s birthday is in a few days. I’m sure she thinks I forgot. (Hell, I did forget Sara’s after all).
I need food.