Imagine you’re a man. Work too much, spend too little time with your family. But you’re fooling around with a younger woman. She’s not bad looking. She cooks for you, cleans, waits on you hand and foot. She doesn’t mind being the other woman. And you’re wife, wether she suspects or not, doesn’t seem to care.
With a position like this, why would Rep. Condit kill Chandra Levy? Let’s not be stupid people.
And since the girl’s connection to the congressman is the only reason this story is still in the news, and he obviously didn’t do it, can we please all get on with our lives?
There are over 2000 people a day in the USA reported missing. In the 4 or so months since this all started, that amounts to over 240,000 people.Is anyone else offended that there are half a dozen police forces who are devoting significant resources to finding this one woman who by the most optimistic estimates will only be found dead now?