For those of you who need to get a life, you may have noticed the succession of names this little diatribe has taken.
The current incarnation is “Shakespear’s Monkey”. Barring the probable misspellings, I had two main reasons behind this shift in names. The first being the well worn quote that if an infinate number of monkeys worked on an infinate number of typewriters, one of them would eventually write Shakespear’s plays. And this being my own seemingly infinate verbal meanderings, maybe someday I’ll actually wrtie something worth reading.
On a similar idea, though through a less direct method, I have been thinking about writing lately. Well, photography first, and then writing. In photography, very few such artists get their amazing pictures from singular attempts at a composition. Every photographer I know has said, once you get yourself set up, you take as many pictures as possible of the subject. Film is cheap, and you never know what detail will make or break a shot.
Yes, writing is involved here somewhere. Basically, I applied the same photography philosophy to my writing. (Well, I am starting to apply it). Words are cheap. If you write a lot, you only improve your skill and chances of happening upon an interesting thought.
So overall, it is very similar to the SHakespear’s Monkeys quote.
Excuse me, I need a banana.