Ann Coulter on Barbara Olson
Ignorant, sadomasochistic, bigoted faux-intellectual.
I’ve gotta get into Journalism if this woman is the Gold Standard for writers.
She is ready and willing to go out and start deporting, bombing, and killing people. And her vauge references don’t hide who she is talking about.
listen bitch:
Dozens of countries have agreed to strike down any country or individual who turns out to be responsible. These people will pay, one way or another. The Taliban has even agreed to turn over Osama Bin Lauden should we present proof he was responsible.
No one is going to get away with this.
But before we start shooting anyone who wouldn’t fit in at a Klan meeting, may I request that we actually find the true responsible party(ies)?
Cause when we start slaughtering Afghani men, women, and children, only to discover this was the result of some hick, redneck militia from East Bumpafuck, USA, we’ll prove ourselves to be the very monster we are currently decrying.
Maybe Ms. Coulter needs to take her hood off in church so she can hear better. Like the lines about “Judge not lest ye be judged” and “thou Shalt not Kill”. And if that doesn’t move her, she should keep in mind that this “murderous cult” she is referring to happens to be the fastest growing religion in the world, with millions upon millions of members. It doesn’t do to tease the lion when you’re in his cage. (And all this goes without mentioning the fact that Islam has far stricter moral and societal codes than Christianity or Judaism).
Go back to the Dark Ages, Ms. Coulter. We have no more Japanese internment camps. We aren’t out for playground justice. And we don’t need people like you playing off the basest, most vile aspects of human nature.