I’m beginning to think I live in a war zone. At least, that’s the impression the local militia would have you … have.
Cordoned off entire blocks surrounding the White House. Can only enter at one corner at one end of the street at one side. Cause basically that’s the only place they’re really staffed. which makes me wonder what the fuck is the point of th barricades anyway. If there is no one to back them up or even watch over them, they won’t keep out my dead grandmother much less a determined terrorist.
However the choppers overhead are a nice touch. the constant patrolling and all. who know’s what they’re patrolling for. They are’nt going to stop any plane attacks (though the F16s might). And I dont believe for a minute you can tell a damn thing from that far up that will let you know that the guy picking his nose on the corner is going to stick a pipe bomb in the rain gutters at the white house.
A few more minutes and I can get out of here. Show my ID to Rufus the Redneck Trooper. An ID that is 3 years old and from issue. But I don’t think he really cares. After all, police never look you in the eye unless they are doing the talking, and hope to intimidate you. I suppose it should make them look like they’re watching everything going on, to be sure they don’t get bushwacked.
here’s a thought mr. Rufus. Worry about the guy in front of you that could pull out a shiv and eviscerate you, more than the car stopping at the corner McDonalds for a Big Xtra Meal.
Is that a threat from me? no. Motivationless, power-hungry security guards are not what worry or antagonize me.
Smart people like these terrorists are much more scarey. No one wnats to admit that there is next to nothing that was or could be done to stop them. sharp knives can come from anywhere and any substance. A hurtling plane wouldnt even be stoped by a missle once it was on course. there are no barricades that could hold them back. These men knew once they were under way that they had already won.
It was all incredibly simple. Ingeniusly simple.