Schools Shy Away From Washington Field Trips
Boneheads. Fuckin’ Boneheads.
I am so utterly and inccredibly sick of the ignorant speech and actions of people in relation to Washington DC.
I’d be surprised to hear anyone anymore mention the Pentagon when discussing the September 11 th attacks. I can only imagine how the people in Pennsylvania feel. In all likelyhood, that plane crash there saved my very life.
But when people do discuss Washington, it is mainly to say they don’t feel safe about coming here. They no longer seem concerned to fly, which is where the only danger to most civilians was on September 11th in Washington. And the anthrax infections never managed to spread from the buildings they originated in.
So what the hell are you scared about?
Those hundred or so nuclear ICBMs pointed at our heads for the last 50 years don’t seem to matter much to you. Fifty missing back-pack sized nuclear bombs, which disappeared after the overthrow of the Soviet Union, don’t seem to be making anyone nervous. A murder rate higher than anywhere else in the country never affected tourism.
Kneejerk, ignorant, selfish reactions.
You need to fold up your american flags, put them back in their plastic bags, and return them to the stores. You have already lost. Consider yourself a prisoner of war. When you started reacting based on fear insteaad of logic; when you started allowing the assaults to change the way you lived your life, then you let the enemy beat you.
I live in this city. I have been here four years already, and not a day goes by that I am not in awe of some aspect of this city or the people in it. To teach your kids that dispite common sense and factual evidence, you won’t take them to a place such as this where every building and tree is a piece of history. You’re pitaful.
On a side note, this author needs to be bitch-slapped.

Students who visit today find a city visibly changed; police are stationed at nearly every corner, and concrete barricades encircle the monuments like scattered dominoes. Chaperons enforce an unpopular 6 p.m. hotel curfew.

Bullshit. The concrete barriccades were there before September 11. And the city has actually been replaccing many of those gaudy conrete slabs which have been around for years with more suitable and attractive fences and posts. And maybe once a week do I see a cop or military officer I didn’t see before. This is Washington Fuckin DC. Do you think we don’t have security here? And what the hell does a high school student’s curfew have to do with this city?