“What the hell was that?!”

I like it when it rains in the early evening. The rain itself is enough to make Sara happy. But if it’s summer out and a quick rain came in the early evening, then when it passes, you get the return of a half-light. It’s no longer day, but there’s a dawning after the storm.
Well… I like that, and the smell of hot asphalt as the first rain hits it.
I’m an easy boy to please. Now if I could just get Rajee to send me that damn hooker.
I really hate work right now. I hate questioning every day, why I am still there when no one else lasted. I hate going through the same shit with the requisite new set of people. I hate having so many ideas and so much experience and so many plans… and knowing every time I bring up the crappiest little idea that will keep us from looking like the completely disorganized baboons we are, it will be trodden upon, spit upon, watered down, and ignored. I hate looking the new guy’s face, listening to his enthusiasm and hope and expectations, and keeping my mouth shut, even though I can write out right now, word for word, what he will be complaining about in 4 months. And what he will be arguing about in 9 months, and why he will be gone in a little over a year. But of course… I’m just a bitter old-timer. It’s not like I know what’s going on.
I’ve been picking at something on my iPod. Off and on, while I listen to music, I’m thinking of a mix tape… or soundtrack. Usually soundtracks, because I can see the people and motions that go along with them. So far, my favorite soundtrack includes, in no particular order:
Meg Lee Chin — Bittersweet and Sour
Sleater-Kinny — The Last Song
Pigface — Kiss King
Bjork — Violently Happy
yeah… that’s all I can remember right now. The Pigface one is special. A song you could never find from a well known group or your favorite band, because you would be listening to them too much, instead of the music. Kiss King is just one of those song’s where I pulled the Pod out of it’s case and said “what the hell is this?!”.

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  1. You know who

    I can’t even imagine how frustraed you are. Get out of there! You deserve better….. 😉

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