Parties and Pictures, and Pictures of Places

I realized after posting that last entry that I hadn’t said anything about New Year’s Eve. Not that I traversed the timezones and followed it around the world or anything, but still…
Went to a party hosted by A, Kier and Aaron. Spent much of the night torturing Kier’s little sister, as mentioned previously. She was being way too quiet in the corner at the start of the party, and I’ve never been one to let someone suffer alone. If they’re gonna suffer, it will be because they’re listening to me.
Several threats were made on my life and general well-being regarding the frequent use of my camera. I think I’m lucky I didn’t wake up to find it inserted somewhere uncomfortable. But as usual, post-party, many people were much happier that I’d taken pictures, if nothing else than for blackmail.
I met other women, and the occasional man, as well, that night. Probably couldn’t tell you any new names, because I’m bad like that. I either tend to come home with someone, or come home with no one. Not much in between. Only once have I ever left a party with something so simple as a phone number. (This could all go well towards explaining the tragic comedy that is my love-life).
Fun was had by all, except for the piñata, which was eventually decapitated by a sword. Only my friends would give economy-sized cutlery to drunk people, blind-fold them, and ask them to keep swinging until something breaks.
I really want a new camera. My Mavica does okay. But nothing improved my 35mm photography as much as having a good quality SLR camera. And I wouldn’t mind getting away from mini-CDs that I currently use as film. They’re really cool looking, but they’re slow, unreliable, and easy to damage. When the camera was new, the amount of files you could fit on them seemed amazing. But now you can easily find 1 gig Compact Flash cards, which outstrip it by 7 or 8 times the capacity, and run a lot faster. They’ve been dropping in price like stones lately. And I gotta believe any camera that doesn’t use a CD-burner to store it’s files would have better battery life than mine.
Blah blah blah.
Lady downstairs was showing off pictures from her trip to South Africa the other day. Made me a little jealous. I need to travel again, and see newthings. It was a little poke in the side to remind me to seize the day, and not create grand plans that never blossom. Starting my own company is a pretty good daily reminder. But a little nudge now and then doesn’t hurt.

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  1. I always hated the optical drive-based digital cameras on principle. I felt they were knowingly using the wrong technology solely because they knew consumers felt comfortable with them. It bothered me. Anyway, you want yourself a Canon EOS Rebel or a Nikon D70. But you probably know that 🙂

  2. At the time I got the camera with the CDR, the price-to-storage ratio was great.
    And my preference for a new camera is definatly the digital Rebel.

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